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Water Heater Repairs in Georgina, Stouffville, Aurora & King City

Hot water heaters are essential to our comfort. Having available hot water at the turn of a valve is something we take for granted on a daily basis. The loss of available hot water can be a major inconvenience in many ways. Champion AC & Heating Repair is your emergency expert when it comes to water heater repair.  We can service, repair or replace any make and model of hot water heater you may have. If you are looking to replace your existing water heater, we are able to offer expert advice.

When to Call for Repair

If you are experiencing leaking, noises coming from your heating unit, if your water is exhibiting an odd taste or smell, or if it is becoming discolored, it may be time to call for water heater repair service now. Sometimes as simple a fix as draining the tank will do the trick. A heating element may just need replacement. But if leaking is an issue, often it is a sign that the tank may be cracked or experiencing a break down. This can lead to potential flooding and should be taken seriously.


Will I Need a New Tank ?

The life expectancy of a typical hot water heater is 10 to 15 years. If your heater is older than that, it may be time to replace it with a newer, energy efficient model. As of 2015, water heaters manufactured in the US are held to stricter standards. Also, the newer models will effectively save money in the long run due to far greater efficiency. Champion AC & Heating Repair will be glad to give you information on the new models of energy efficient types of water heaters so you can make an educated decision. There are even new tankless water heaters which take up less space than the traditional tank models. They only heat water as it is needed which could save money long term. Replacement of a tank unit is relatively simple and takes only a few hours. Installation of a tankless unit or further changes to an energy source can take longer than a day.

To Repair or Replace? Either Way, Call Us

When water heater repair makes more sense, we are the experts to turn to.The technicians at Champion AC & Heating Repair will make water heater repairs whenever possible. They will also offer up-to-date information on newer models. Efficiency, capacity and cost information is key to making decisions when a full water heater replacement is necessary. Replacing outdated water heaters with new, energy efficient units can often make sense in the long term. Either way, our experts will be able to give you timely information to help make your decision more informed.

Whether you are looking for the most cost effective repair possible, or are considering updating your existing water heater with a new model. call the water heater experts at Champion AC & Heating Repair today. Trust us to be your professionals when it comes to your comfort.

Call Champion AC & Heating Repair today to schedule an appointment with one of our heating and cooling experts. We are honored you have chosen us and will not disappoint you.