Steps To Take If A Rodent Died In HVAC Ductwork

Even though it might actually sound like a horrific situation, it’s one that a lot of homeowners have found themselves in. A mouse, a rat or any other rodent that is found dead within the ducting can spread germs with the air that is spreading throughout the entire home is absolutely foul. Though the process is undoubtedly not the most pleasant one you could go through, you could completely get it cleaned out from the area and get that unpleasant smell removed entirely. Read more

Is It The Time To Replace Your Furnace?

The best time to replace your furnace is as the summer is going through. The days are still rather long and your air conditioner might still be working in order to maintain the comfort of your home. So, even though it might seem that you have several months before the winter, it’s always good if you have a head start. Read more

How To Prep Your HVAC For The Winters?

Winter is definitely a very challenging time for your HVAC system as it would truly need to bring out the best in itself to keep your home properly warmed up and ventilated at the same time. This is something that you could truly be helpful with when it comes to it. It’s important to understand that you have to do your part as well if you want to make sure that your home is in proper condition. Read more

Why Opt For Professional HVAC Installation?

When you are shopping for a brand new heating or cooling system, homeowners will typically do quite a lot of research on the equipment itself. There are potential buyers who would go further and make sure that they’ve investigated the energy efficiency ratings as well as the advanced features of the product. There are very serious selling points out there which would distinguish certain systems and it’s important to be aware of them. Read more

Emergency Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

It goes without saying that proper maintenance of your AC unit is without a doubt an imperative component of proper functioning and efficiency. There are quite a lot of benefits which stem from it, some of which include: Read more

Can Ductwork Condensation Damage Your House?

The truth is that there are quite a lot of different issues that you would undeniably have to handle when it comes to your overall HVAC system. The ductwork is undoubtedly amongst the integral components you’d have to consider. With this in mind, if you notice that there is any condensation in your ductwork, the thing that you ought to do is get the help of a professional, as quickly as it is possible. Here are a few additional things that you might want to take into account.

Hot and Cold

Condensation is a natural occurrence which formulates when humid and hot air comes in touch with surfaces which are cold. You are likely to see it anytime when you fill a cold glass with warm water. Your HVAC system is absolutely no different. As the ducts tend to get filled up with colder air on the inside as well as humid and hot air on the outside, droplets are going to start to form unless you take preventive measures.
The bad thing is that these droplets which might seem harmless are actually capable of promoting the development of mildew and mold. We all know that this is no good. It can cause stains to bleed right there through your ceilings and walls. It could even cause some of the structural elements to fail as they’d rot and, eventually, collapse.
Ductwork condensation is capable of being prevented through the usage of very special insulation which is going to improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. If you manage to discover any signs of condensation issues, you should make sure to contact a professional team of experts in order to properly assess the overall condition and to decide what the best path of action is.

Drying it out

If your ductwork insulation is in proper shape, but you are still having issues with condensation, this might be because your home has excessive humidity. If you live in an area where the climate is particularly humid, this is a challenge which could very well take the best of you. Air conditioners are initially constructed in a way which dehumidifies spaces as they are designated to cool them off. However, there are certain issues, which may conveniently reduce this particular capability.
If your air conditioner, for instance, is way too prominent for the space that you need to cool, it may not have the actual time to get rid of the humidity. This is just one of the things that you have to be aware of. This is why it’s important to choose appropriate units and to ensure that they do everything as it is supposed to be done. Most of the reliable and competent companies handle it as per the highest industry standards. That is why it is essential to hire the services of a reputed and reliable HVAC contractor.

What Is A Ton of Air Conditioning And Other HVAC Terms Demystified

Like any other industry, the Aurora HVAC repair industry has its acronyms and puzzling terminology. As a non-professional, you are likely left confused about what it all means, especially if you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system. We would like to take the mystery out of your HVAC system, right here, right now. Here are the most common ones that you will encounter. Read more

The Benefits of High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Most homeowners realize that heating and cooling a home represents a high expenditure of utility costs, but did you know that more than half of your home’s energy goes toward heating and cooling? That is a large investment. That’s why, if you are considering a new HVAC system for your Georgina home, you may want to consider the high efficiency models that are on the market today. Here are several reasons a high efficiency system may just make sense. Read more

The Benefits of A Smart Thermostat

Did you know that heating and cooling your home account for about half of your home’s monthly energy costs? That is a substantial expense. Consider how you may save on some of that money just by having a smart thermostat installed. A smart, or WiFi thermostat can save you on your energy bill but can also have far greater control over your home’s temperature comfort. And it’s as easy as calling your Georgina AC repair expert to do a quick installation. Read more