Is Your Thermostat Doing Its Job?

Summer is around the corner. Is your thermostat keeping your temperature regulated? It may be time to consider a new one. There are many thermostat technologies available for the homeowner today. Call your local air conditioner repair company in Georgina and find the one that will work best with your home, your lifestyle, and your technology comfort.

Your thermostat ensures that your system is working optimally when you need it most. This happens because you can direct it to heat up or cool down your homes for your own convenience.

Types of Thermostats

New thermostats not only regulate temperature but can also lower heating and cooling costs and give you information. If you are considering a new thermostat, your local air conditioner repair company in Georgina will have many types and technologies available for you to choose from. New technologies give us thermostats that are:

●     Programmable

●     Wireless

●     Zoning specific

●     Have touchscreens

●     Have digital displays

●     Offer remote access

●     Give you weather forecasts

●     Remind you of maintenance

Digital Thermostats

What many of us have now are basic mechanical or digital thermostats. Simple digital thermostats, unlike older mechanical ones, have a digital LCD temperature display and can support both heating and cooling systems. But digital thermostats can be limiting. Looking at what is new in the marketplace today make for more cost effectiveness and convenience for you and your family.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow for pre-determined settings. An AC repair technician in Georgina will be happy to assist you in programming your unit and showing you how to use it. By adjusting temperatures that coincide with your home and lifestyle, a programmable thermostat can help lower your heating and cooling costs. These thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature of your home when no one is there, when you are sleeping or about to wake. Programmable thermostats will adjust to your particular family’s living patterns so you aren’t heating or cooling your home needlessly. 7 day versions allow setup for each day of the week whereas 5+2 models allow for weekday/weekend settings.

Remote Access Thermostats

This type of thermostat can offer homeowners the greatest degree of flexibility. Remote access thermostats allow for temperature regulation via a smartphone or computer. You can adjust your thermostat away from home in order to optimize the temperature warming and cooling consistent with your changing needs. If you forgot to make an adjustment, if a family member will be coming home unexpectedly, or if you want to make an adjustment before you get home, remote regulation is a wonderful option.

Call Your AC Repair Professional In Georgina

If you are looking to have a new thermostat installed, call a professional AC repair professional in Georgina. They will be able to give you any and all information about thermostats on the market today and what type of thermostat your system will support.

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