Get Your AC Ready For Summer

Goodbye, winter! Hello, summer! After a long, cold winter, we can barely wait for warm weather. But is your AC prepared? The end of a long winter is a perfect time to inspect your cooling system for the upcoming hot summer months. Maybe your air conditioning system needs a little attention. There are some simple things a homeowner can do before summer heat strikes. Often, simple home maintenance can be the difference between an efficient air conditioner or needing to call for AC repairs in Aurora after the summer heat has struck. Before summer comes, here are some tips for a pre-season air conditioning check up.

The end of a long winter is a great time to get your systems operating at their peak for next season. Any maintenance you do at this time will ultimately prolong the life of your furnace so you will have a fully climate controlled environment when your need it most.

Replace That Air Filter

We have beaten the drum of filter changing season after season, winter and summer alike. But there is nothing that will age your air conditioning more that inhibited airflow and a clogged and dirty system. And the simple solution is to keep those filters clean. It almost seems too simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many homeowners forget to do this simple task. Check your air filters every month. If they are dirty, change them. Not replacing air filters is one of the main reasons air conditioning systems fail.

Clean the Debris

Speaking of airflow, your compressor needs it, too. Clean around your AC compressor outside. Prune back vegetation regularly as different seasons pose different challenges. Make sure your compressor is free from anything that may crowd it and inhibit its airflow. This includes fences, debris, leaves, mulch, and even grass clippings. When airflow is restricted, the efficiency of your unit will be reduced, setting you up for future air conditioner repairs in Aurora that may have been avoidable.

Level Foundation

While you’re outside, check the foundation that your AC unit is on. Make sure it is on a firm and level foundation. Foundations that aren’t level can put stress on your compressor since refrigerant and oil may not be moving evenly through the tubing. Uneven foundations can also cause vibration when the unit is on. Vibration can cause the tubing to loosen and kink up, further inhibiting proper flow of refrigerant and lubrication. If you need to level your pad, contact an air conditioner repair technician in Aurora to properly disconnect the unit first. ‘

Clean Coils and Fins

Clean your outside unit. With a garden hose, clean your fan and coil and remove any leaves or debris that has become lodged in the unit. There are foaming coil cleaners available. But be careful. Compressors are fragile and need special procedures to start. If you prefer not to take this chance as a DIYer, call a reputable AC repair company in Aurora to do the job.

Come summer, your air conditioner will be ready to work efficiently with a few minor housekeeping items. When summer comes, you — and your AC — will be ready for the warm weather.

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