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Fireplace Repair and Installation In Aurora, King City, Stouffville & Georgina

Is your gas fireplace experiencing a leak? Has it stopped igniting? Is soot building up? Has your pilot light gone out? Champion AC & Heating Repair has it covered. We have been serving the Aurora, King CityGeorgina and Stouffville, Ontario areas for years. Our qualified technicians have the expertise to locate your problem and make the needed fireplace repair.

During the cold of winter, we trust our gas fireplace to be a source of warmth. It’s important, however, to understand that your fireplace requires a regular, annual maintenance the same as any other heating and cooling source in your home. When you call Champion AC & Heating Repair for your annual maintenance visit, we will conduct an inspection and target any potential issues.

What is the Inspector Looking For ?

During this inspection, our technician will make a full review of the outside of your unit and look for dirt, cracks, deterioration, or chips. Ceramic logs can deteriorate with time and chipped or cracked glass can become a hazard. He will inspect the framework, looking for dents and debris, and make sure the ignition located under the logs is working properly. Our technician will confirm that the heat output is correct and assess that no ports or vents have been blocked by any buildup of dirt. If so, these will be cleaned. The inside and outside of a gas fireplace will need to be cleaned regularly. Dust and dirt may have also built up on the blower.  As in any heating device, an improperly functioning, dirty fireplace runs the risk of creating carbon monoxide which can be dangerous. We take your family’s safety seriously so maintenance of your fireplace is a high priority.


We will conduct the following during a routine maintenance visit to ensure your safety and comfort :
  • Check settings for proper combustion
  • Clean soot and fog on the glass
  • Check vent and ignition system
  • Conduct a multi-point diagnostic test
  • Check seals for leaks
  • Check for proper log placement
  • Perform a test burn

Need a Repair or Replacement?

Repairs can often be as simple as a good cleaning. The pilot light or other orifices may have become clogged with dirt or debris. If the burner isn’t lighting, it could be damaged or faulty wiring. Or a thermocoupler is malfunctioning and needs to be serviced or replaced. Fireplace repair is often simple and cost effective but always best left to a professional.

If you would like to update your fireplace for added efficiency, ask us about direct vent fireplaces, a ceramic glass front in lieu of tempered glass or updated insulation. We will be glad to offer recommendations to keep you and your family safe and warm during the long winter months.

The technicians at Champion AC & Heating Repair are experts in their field and will always be glad to answer your questions. When you are looking for professional maintenance, fireplace repair or installation of a new unit, we have the knowledge and expertise to get it done safely and cost effectively. Call us to take care of all your fireplace needs.

Call Champion AC & Heating Repair today to schedule an appointment with one of our heating and cooling experts. We are honored you have chosen us and will not disappoint you.