Is It The Time To Replace Your Furnace?

The best time to replace your furnace is as the summer is going through. The days are still rather long and your air conditioner might still be working in order to maintain the comfort of your home. So, even though it might seem that you have several months before the winter, it’s always good if you have a head start. Read more

The Benefits of High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Most homeowners realize that heating and cooling a home represents a high expenditure of utility costs, but did you know that more than half of your home’s energy goes toward heating and cooling? That is a large investment. That’s why, if you are considering a new HVAC system for your Georgina home, you may want to consider the high efficiency models that are on the market today. Here are several reasons a high efficiency system may just make sense. Read more

Why Does Your Furnace Smell, When You Turn It On?

When the winter hits Ontario, the temperatures drop down dramatically and this usually means that you are relying on your furnace to bring in the warmth and comfort in your home. This is the busiest time of the year for furnace repair technicians and one of the most common complaints out there comes from people concerned with the smell which comes out of their furnace. Read more

Things To Consider About Sizing Your Replacement Furnace

Now, if it is high time for you to replace your furnace or if this time is actually approaching, you would have to make sure that you are well aware of the size that the system needs to be in order to work properly for your home. Making sure this happens is actually quite important to the overall comfort level of your home as well as the overall efficiency of the unit. If you go ahead and get some research done, you would be capable of identifying the right size easily. Read more

The Best Time For Furnace Maintenance And Repairs

Chances are, the last thing you want to focus on at the beginning of summer is your furnace. But summer may just be the best time of year to get that annual inspection, cleaning, or repair for your HVAC system in Aurora. Read more

How To Make Sure Your Furnace Is Safe

Before tucking away furnace concerns for the season, this is the best time of year to do a quick inspection of your furnace safety. Before summer hits, it is a good time to schedule a maintenance visit with a furnace repair technician in Georgina in order to ensure that your system is safe and there are no hazards to be wary of. Read more

How To Choose The Right Furnace For Your Home

You’ve made it past winter with your furnace chugging along. Although the average furnace should last at least twenty years, you know it’s hit the end of its life. Now is the best time for researching and replacing your furnace. You have the time and the weather won’t force you to make hasty decisions. Take your time and consider these tips. Read more

Consider The Hazard of Leaky Fuel Tank of An HVAC

There are quite a lot of different issues which may come to life in the lifespan of a HVAC system. What is more, there are also a lot of recurring expenses that you have to take proper care of. With this in mind, some of the ongoing costs that you have to worry about include fuel bills, occasional repairs, regular maintenance and others of the kind. However, for homeowners who are using oil, there is one extra cost which a lot of them are not aware of and fail to take it into account – the repair of the oil tank. Read more

Key Aspects About Maintenance of Commercial HVAC

The first thing that you need to understand is that HVAC maintenance is undoubtedly something that you should take into account. A lot of homeowners as well as business owners neglect it, only to regret it substantially later on. And the reason is that they feel reluctant making a small expense for regular maintenance only to find themselves having to spend a couple of thousands later on. Read more