All About Roof-Mounted AC vs. Split Systems

When you’ve decided that it’s high time for you to get rid of your old air conditioner, it’s likely that you’d be looking forward to a new one. There is quite a lot that you’d have to think about, though, as this is not a one-off decision that you can just take at the spur of the moment. Air conditioning is absolutely critical when it comes to it and if you had to choose, you’d usually have two options: roof-mounted AC or a split system. The latter is usually installed in a manner which leaves the condenser coils at the ground level. Read more

How Important Is Attic Insulation?

Well, the fact is that attic insulation is very important. Of course, it is necessary to dig a bit deeper. It is hard for you to imagine having to live through the summer without the cool refuge that your home turns to when you put the AC to work. Just picture a summer where the temperature inside is almost the same as it is outside. Now do the same thing for the winter. Well, that’s how important the insulation of your attic actually is. This is the single, most leaking point of your house when it comes to air and guess where all that air is going to? Read more

Is Your AC Improving The Quality of Your Air?

The truth is that when spring hits and you are tempted to open your windows wide, you are also reminded of how stale the air in your home has become throughout the winter or the summer when you keep the windows shut. These times of the year are usually either too hot or too cold for you to open up the window and people prefer to keep them closed. This, however, is far from being the best thing to do for the indoor quality. However, keep in mind that experts claim that air conditioning, if done properly, could actually substantially improve the quality of your air. Read more

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Producing Water?

If you’ve taken your time and you have stood near an air conditioning unit, you might have seen that there is water below it. You might even have had to drain it away after there has been a leak. This is the right thing to do – water can lead to mold and mildew and different bacterial formations. Read more

Emergency Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

It goes without saying that proper maintenance of your AC unit is without a doubt an imperative component of proper functioning and efficiency. There are quite a lot of benefits which stem from it, some of which include: Read more

7 Reasons To Consider A Ductless AC System

Many times, homeowners are faced with a dilemma. Hot summers have them longing for an air conditioning system. However, without ductwork, a central air conditioning system is not possible. Luckily, if you don’t have the space, budget, or inclination to install a full set of ductwork, air conditioner repair professionals in Stouffville now offer a new type of system that can be a perfect alternative. Ductless air conditioners. Read more

How To Get Rid of Hot And Cold Spots When Using An Air Conditioner?

The truth is that hot and cold spots in your home are capable of being a serious burden, to say the least. They are going to cause discomfort, but more importantly – they are going to indicate that there is an issue with your cooling system. This is pretty much the times that you need to consider getting professional help of a certified technician. This is going to ensure that everything is handled properly. However, there are also things that you need to understand before that. Read more

Is Your Thermostat Doing Its Job?

Summer is around the corner. Is your thermostat keeping your temperature regulated? It may be time to consider a new one. There are many thermostat technologies available for the homeowner today. Call your local air conditioner repair company in Georgina and find the one that will work best with your home, your lifestyle, and your technology comfort. Read more

Get Your AC Ready For Summer

Goodbye, winter! Hello, summer! After a long, cold winter, we can barely wait for warm weather. But is your AC prepared? The end of a long winter is a perfect time to inspect your cooling system for the upcoming hot summer months. Maybe your air conditioning system needs a little attention. There are some simple things a homeowner can do before summer heat strikes. Often, simple home maintenance can be the difference between an efficient air conditioner or needing to call for AC repairs in Aurora after the summer heat has struck. Before summer comes, here are some tips for a pre-season air conditioning check up. Read more

Questions to Ask Before Replacing The Air Conditioner

Sure, it is absolutely normal for your AC to start malfunctioning or to cause certain issues. In such situations, you might be wondering whether to replace it or to try and fix it and prolong its lifespan. Well, the truth is that this is no easy question and the answer requires quite a lot of aforethought. With this in mind, you might want to ask your HVAC contractor in order to determine whether or not this is actually worth it. If you’ve made the choice to get a new one, though, here are the things that you need to know. Let’s take a look. Read more