Why Is Freon Used In AC Units?

Have you ever wondered how the ACs capable of taking hot and humid air and conveniently transforming it into a crisp breeze? It might seem like magic but there is solid science behind it. Refrigerants, including Freon, are the chemicals which make the magic happen. As the air goes through the entire refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant in the AC is properly compressed and then expanded quite a few times. This allows you to take advantage of its absolutely unique ability to cool the air quickly. Read more

The Benefits of A Smart Thermostat

Did you know that heating and cooling your home account for about half of your home’s monthly energy costs? That is a substantial expense. Consider how you may save on some of that money just by having a smart thermostat installed. A smart, or WiFi thermostat can save you on your energy bill but can also have far greater control over your home’s temperature comfort. And it’s as easy as calling your Georgina AC repair expert to do a quick installation. Read more

Seasonal AC Winterizing And Maintenance Tips

We are nearing the end of summer with fall right around the corner. Once you no longer need your air conditioner, it is time to get it prepared for winter. Winterizing your unit is easy with a few seasonal tips. Read more

Summer Don’ts For Optimum Energy Efficiency

Those summer energy bills are right around the corner. On sultry, humid days, your air conditioning system can make those days and nights bearable. But what it does to your electric bill? That, you can do without. DON’T do these things unless you want to drive up your summer energy bills! Read more