All About Roof-Mounted AC vs. Split Systems

When you’ve decided that it’s high time for you to get rid of your old air conditioner, it’s likely that you’d be looking forward to a new one. There is quite a lot that you’d have to think about, though, as this is not a one-off decision that you can just take at the spur of the moment. Air conditioning is absolutely critical when it comes to it and if you had to choose, you’d usually have two options: roof-mounted AC or a split system. The latter is usually installed in a manner which leaves the condenser coils at the ground level. Read more

How Does Your Home Lose Heat?

Do you have the feeling as if your home is cooling down way too quickly throughout the winter process or it is not staying cool enough in the summer? There are quite a lot of different factors that you’d have to take into account when it comes to it. There are a lot of things that can impact the overall control of the temperature in your home. Failing to address them is going to result in inconvenience and seriously higher energy costs. It is also going to make it a lot harder to ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature. This is the main reason for which we would want to show you a few things to address in order to prevent this issue and create a home that’s far more comfortable. Read more

How Important Is Attic Insulation?

Well, the fact is that attic insulation is very important. Of course, it is necessary to dig a bit deeper. It is hard for you to imagine having to live through the summer without the cool refuge that your home turns to when you put the AC to work. Just picture a summer where the temperature inside is almost the same as it is outside. Now do the same thing for the winter. Well, that’s how important the insulation of your attic actually is. This is the single, most leaking point of your house when it comes to air and guess where all that air is going to? Read more

Is Your AC Improving The Quality of Your Air?

The truth is that when spring hits and you are tempted to open your windows wide, you are also reminded of how stale the air in your home has become throughout the winter or the summer when you keep the windows shut. These times of the year are usually either too hot or too cold for you to open up the window and people prefer to keep them closed. This, however, is far from being the best thing to do for the indoor quality. However, keep in mind that experts claim that air conditioning, if done properly, could actually substantially improve the quality of your air. Read more

Why Is Freon Used In AC Units?

Have you ever wondered how the ACs capable of taking hot and humid air and conveniently transforming it into a crisp breeze? It might seem like magic but there is solid science behind it. Refrigerants, including Freon, are the chemicals which make the magic happen. As the air goes through the entire refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant in the AC is properly compressed and then expanded quite a few times. This allows you to take advantage of its absolutely unique ability to cool the air quickly. Read more

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Producing Water?

If you’ve taken your time and you have stood near an air conditioning unit, you might have seen that there is water below it. You might even have had to drain it away after there has been a leak. This is the right thing to do – water can lead to mold and mildew and different bacterial formations. Read more

Steps To Take If A Rodent Died In HVAC Ductwork

Even though it might actually sound like a horrific situation, it’s one that a lot of homeowners have found themselves in. A mouse, a rat or any other rodent that is found dead within the ducting can spread germs with the air that is spreading throughout the entire home is absolutely foul. Though the process is undoubtedly not the most pleasant one you could go through, you could completely get it cleaned out from the area and get that unpleasant smell removed entirely. Read more

Is It The Time To Replace Your Furnace?

The best time to replace your furnace is as the summer is going through. The days are still rather long and your air conditioner might still be working in order to maintain the comfort of your home. So, even though it might seem that you have several months before the winter, it’s always good if you have a head start. Read more

How To Prep Your HVAC For The Winters?

Winter is definitely a very challenging time for your HVAC system as it would truly need to bring out the best in itself to keep your home properly warmed up and ventilated at the same time. This is something that you could truly be helpful with when it comes to it. It’s important to understand that you have to do your part as well if you want to make sure that your home is in proper condition. Read more

Why Opt For Professional HVAC Installation?

When you are shopping for a brand new heating or cooling system, homeowners will typically do quite a lot of research on the equipment itself. There are potential buyers who would go further and make sure that they’ve investigated the energy efficiency ratings as well as the advanced features of the product. There are very serious selling points out there which would distinguish certain systems and it’s important to be aware of them. Read more