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Air Conditioner Repair In Stouffville, Aurora, King City & Georgina

We tend to take our air conditioning for granted…until it’s not working properly. Then it can feel like an a huge emergency and inconvenience. In the height of summer, we rely on our cooling system to keep us comfortable when it’s needed most. When an air conditioner repair is necessary, we also want to be assured that the company making that repair is one we can trust. At Champion AC & Heating Repair, we take your trust seriously. We have been servicing the Aurora, Georgina and Stouffville, Ontario areas for years and would like to earn your business as well.

Make Maintenance a Priority

Your air conditioning system is a large investment and should be maintained and repaired regularly. Preventive maintenance often exposes potential issues before they have a chance to develop into problems. Regular maintenance can reduce the amount of damage to a system and save costly repairs. The experts at Champion AC & Heating Repair will gladly set up a regular maintenance schedule for you to help ward off costly repairs and inconvenient discomfort.


Sometimes a Repair is Necessary

Invariably, problems do crop up and it is important to call for repairs as soon as possible to lessen their severity. If your unit is cycling on and off, you notice refrigerant leaks, your compressor or fan is not operating, or you see condensation accumulating, it is time to call in an expert. Dirty filters and coils can cut down on your air conditioning system’s efficiency. Champion AC & Heating Repair offers a full range of repair, maintenance and installation service. Our technicians are trained to deal with any and all air conditioning problems and will gladly answer your questions and concerns. You may only need a simple repair or your system has run its course. In either instance, our experts will have solutions that match your needs..

Ready to Update ?

Often a new system just makes sense. An system that is older than 15-20 years will be far less efficient and will require the system to run longer to get the desired temperature. This can equate to higher monthly utility bills and less and less satisfaction with the quality of cooling. Age and wear will also cause the various parts and components of your system to break down, often in groups. If you find you are making costly repairs frequently and your system is older, it may make sense to install a new system. Today’s available modern systems may be much more sophisticated and efficient than the older model in your home and be more cost effective in the long run.

We at Champion AC & Heating Repair would like to be your trusted professional when it comes to your cooling comfort. We have experience with all makes and models, will be glad to talk about regular maintenance and can advise you when you want to install a new cooling system. Call us today for expert advice concerning all your air conditioning needs.

Call Champion AC & Heating Repair today to schedule an appointment with one of our heating and cooling experts. We are honored you have chosen us and will not disappoint you.