What Is A Ton of Air Conditioning And Other HVAC Terms Demystified

Like any other industry, the Aurora HVAC repair industry has its acronyms and puzzling terminology. As a non-professional, you are likely left confused about what it all means, especially if you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system. We would like to take the mystery out of your HVAC system, right here, right now. Here are the most common ones that you will encounter. Read more

The Benefits of High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Most homeowners realize that heating and cooling a home represents a high expenditure of utility costs, but did you know that more than half of your home’s energy goes toward heating and cooling? That is a large investment. That’s why, if you are considering a new HVAC system for your Georgina home, you may want to consider the high efficiency models that are on the market today. Here are several reasons a high efficiency system may just make sense. Read more

The Benefits of A Smart Thermostat

Did you know that heating and cooling your home account for about half of your home’s monthly energy costs? That is a substantial expense. Consider how you may save on some of that money just by having a smart thermostat installed. A smart, or WiFi thermostat can save you on your energy bill but can also have far greater control over your home’s temperature comfort. And it’s as easy as calling your Georgina AC repair expert to do a quick installation. Read more

Single Stage, Two-Stage, Or Modulating? Which Type of Gas Furnace Is Best For You?

If you are in the market for a new gas furnace this season, you may have been confused by the three main types of furnaces on the market today. Your Stouffville HVAC specialist will have a very finite comparison of the differing types based on manufacturer and model, but here is a simplified comparison.

Single Stage

Single stage furnaces have a simple gas valve that is either open or closed. It is either off or on high. The standard single stage furnace will cost less to install, and will keep your home heated. However, the heating comes at more expense due to efficiency. Your standard single stage furnace will operate at about 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This means that 20% of your fuel is being wasted. With single state furnaces, there will be greater temperature swings, as your furnace will blast on or turn off. There is no variation in operation.

Two Stage Furnace

The two stage furnace has more adjustments available than just “on” and “off”. The two stage furnace will start at a lower power. When the thermostat signals that more heat is necessary, it will provide the higher power heat, then back off and run more consistently at the lower level to maintain temperature. The stress on the system is substantially lower without all the turning on and off. A two stage system has a longer running cycle with more even heat distribution. From an efficiency standpoint, you can expect a two stage furnace to run at about 90% annual fuel utilization efficiency. And you can expect that your operation will be quieter.

Modulating Or Multistage Furnace

A modulating furnace system will adjust even more precisely than a two stage furnace. Modulating furnaces may begin at the highest power, but then taper off and push through small amounts of heat as needed. Most modulating furnaces will adjust by 1% at a time and will adjust continuously at the appropriate level as necessary depending on the thermostat setting of your home. In colder climates, when properly installed by a furnace repair and installation professional in Stouffville, this will be the most energy efficient furnace system. The annual fuel utilization efficiency of a modulating furnace is typically above 94%

A modulating furnace may cost significantly more for a Stouffville HVAC installation than a mid-efficiency furnace. But they can save significantly on energy costs. They also have the advantage of delivering the correct amount of heat into the home quickly and efficiently.

If you are considering replacing your existing furnace, call the professionals at Champion AC & Heating Repair in Stouffville. We are the local furnace repair and installation experts to trust in the community and the GTA.

Seasonal AC Winterizing And Maintenance Tips

We are nearing the end of summer with fall right around the corner. Once you no longer need your air conditioner, it is time to get it prepared for winter. Winterizing your unit is easy with a few seasonal tips. Read more